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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Infringements on Our Right to Privacy

A while back, I went to the post office and commanded that they stop delivering mail which does not specifically address me by name. The representative, with a smirk of mockery and disregard, told me that he could not help me in any way. He condescendingly taunted, "Just throw it in the garbage. See, it's not so hard is it?" That's not the point, dumb-ass. It's an infringement on my privacy and property. With all hope lost of resolving the issue with this "expert" I decided that the best thing for me to do, besides freaking out, was to just leave.

More recently, I received some junk mail in my inbox. It was not addressed to me but to a faceless entity that goes by the name of "Current Resident." I am so sick of this that I would seriously punch the sender in the face if I knew who it was. I don't even care about the consequences. So I did the only thing I could think of and sent it into the outgoing mail thinking, "Maybe if the sender gets this piece of trash returned they will stop sending this crap."

Soon after that, the glorious United States Post Office redelivered the pollution with a note on it in all caps saying "DO NOT SEND THIS IN THE OUTGOING MAIL. IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT THROW IT OUT."

Thank you with deep sincerity, my patriotic USPS. First of all, I'm quite sure that it is a crime to tamper with mail. (In this case, writing on it.) Not only that, but it truly shows you value the corporate sender and its infringement of my privacy and property rights by re-forcing refused mail down my throat and hoping that I would just sit back and take it. A professional would have taken the matter like an adult and tried to resolve my issue by attempting to actually contact me in a way where I could give my feedback so we could fix this problem together, like a team, on the same side. (Maybe someday the USPS might start acting professionally, we can only hope.)

Secondly, you've twice confirmed that you are consciously sending me garbage, literally garbage. This is proven both when the representative told me to, "Just throw it away," and also in the letter where you said "throw it out." I recommend that you throw garbage in your garbage can and not send it to me. I don't care how ugly I look, I'm really not a garbage can.

So after being lied to, disrespected by, and almost literally defecated on by the USPS, I have decided to begin fighting back, by myself, against the corporate thieves who have taken my personal information. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself; here's what I've done so far:

First, I registered my phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. This service is managed by the FTC.

Next, I was browsing the consumer section of the FTC Web site and found a page which allows me to opt-out of pre-screened credit and insurance offers.

Third, I signed up with the DMA to tell a bunch of other thieves to stop sending garbage to my home mailbox.

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Here's another helpful website to protect your physical mailbox Catalog Choice.