Thursday, December 20, 2012

MeetUp in FL: Episode 3 - Burgers for $1

For this MeetUp, I wasn't looking for anything in particular. And I usually try to find free or inexpensive events. So, I was lucky to stumble upon a $1 burger event at a place called Bar Louie. What's funny is that It was in a freakin' town called Dr. Phillips. I thought that was hilarious! I guess people might have a similar reaction when I tell them I'm from Pardeeville, WI.

This was the funnest MeetUp even so far. Me and my brother met a fun group of people. There was one very fascinating lady who was a beer connoisseur. She said she had the World of Beer in her refrigerator when I asked her what kind of beer she drank. Good answer. There's just something about beer drinkers that's more sophisticated and mature than other drinkers. Anyway, the food was really good.

On $1 burger night, you can choose beef or turkey (maybe more, I'd have to go back to check.) Make sure to order something other than well-done if you prefer, otherwise that's what you'll get. But other toppings were 50¢ each. I got guacamole, bacon, and crumbled blue-cheese. I really should have gotten blue-cheese sauce too 'cause the crumbled cheese was a little bland and the burger was a little dry - my mistake though. Overall, the flavor was definitely still good. And I had low expectations for the tater tots but oh my God they were the best I'd ever had!

I'm definitely going to go chill with these dudes again from the Absolutely Fun Dr. Phillips area Group. They are absolutely fun!

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