Thursday, December 20, 2012

MeetUp in FL: Episode 2 - Nobody at the Art Gallery

One day when I was browsing MeetUp, I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm a musician/composer so why don't I try to find a group of people who are also into music?" Then I found the Classical Music Lovers of Central Florida group. On December 7, 2012 they were advertising a free art gallery and live music event at the Morse Museum in Orlando.

I signed up and brought my brother. When we went to the art gallery, either nobody else showed up or we couldn't find the one person who RSVP'd. This shouln't have been unexpected because the calender posting warned us that it would be an unhosted event. (I think most events are typically hosted.) But the artwork was quite fascinating and the music was great.

Really, I didn't go to see the artwork, even though some of it was exceptionally beautiful. I primarily came to listen to the music. There was some guy playing classical guitar upstairs and the music was amplified throughout the whole museum over the speakers/intercom. I am not very familiar with many classical guitar pieces so I was surprised to recognize several of the songs that he played. I was also impressed how flawlessly he played. He never missed a single note.

This one wasn't as fun as I expected so next time I'm going to make sure to sign up for hosted events when possible.

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